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      Our Products

      We represent various OEM and can stock their product for major projects in the
      country. Some of the products we have include:

      • Instrumentation, Process Control and Flow Control equipments/products,
        Pumps & Compressors
      • Seamless Line pipes and Drilling Equipments & Oil Country Tubular
        Good (OCTG)
      • Gas monitor/detector equipments
      • Pressure Release Valves, Fittings and Flanges, Well Head Christmas
      • Filtration systems:Brine filtration,hydroclones,separators,Media
        filters,automatic filters etc
      • Pipeline Pig location & tracking, non-intrusive pig signaller,pigs
      • Subsea Solutions & Technologies, ROV's etc
      • Marine Waste Handling system and compactors
      • Handsize Pressure Calibration Equipment for Oil Pipes

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